Producer’s Notes.

This is a story about what I would do if I was chosen as the producer for Q&A. For those of you that do not know Q&A is a show on the ABC (in Australia). I have put some links below if you want to find out more about or want to watch Q&A. This is something I wrote a few weeks ago and I thought it might make a good blog post…

I was chosen as the new producer for Q&A on ABC TV. My first job was to find a host but I had a bit of trouble…

Annabel Crabb: Was making a Pavlova

Jon Faine: Had a hockey match

Richard di Natale: Wasn’t in his bed

Andrew Bolt:Too Right wing (this is the ABC remember)

Mung Fei: Was too busy matching up panellists an giving them fashion shoe packs

Nick Xenophon: Drank bad school milk

David Astle: To busy reading the dictionary 

Lily Serna: Stuck on a tricky maths question

Donald Trump: Was too busy making America “great” again

Lee Lin Chin: Spent too much time in wardrobe

Kevin Rudd: Got earwax poisoning 

Julie Bishop: Gave herself a death stare in the mirror

Clive Palmer: Couldn’t get out of his sports car


I tried asking Tony but he took my request as a comment, I think I might host it myself…

Now I just need to organise:

1.)     Some panellists who will talk over each other for the first ten minutes

2.)    At least one politician who would repeat themselves over and over again

3.)    One question that everybody will fight over and will take up half the show

 As this is the ABC, I need to make some money from merchandise. If you would like a plush Palmer with dream car then you can pre-order now!


if you would like to learn more about Q&A here are some links:

if you are in Australia click here

if you are overseas click here




Morning fail.

This morning (by the time I publish this it will be many weeks later) I woke up nice and early so I could have some time to myself (a.k.a watch  t.v. ) before all the other kids got up. This was the first time in a long time since this happened which is exiting for me.

I went downstairs where the twins were sleeping. Basically as soon as I sat down Poppy started cry. Mum came down, fed her and passed her to me to burp her and she spewed on me, and not just any spew on my clean, fresh, favourite top.

I decided to make myself breakfast, I like weetbix


Sorce Wikimedia Commons

I got the weetbix out put them in a bowl went to get the milk. There was no milk so I decided to have toast. There was no Vegemite. So I decided to have oats I knew we has all the ingredients and it would be really nice too.

WHERE WAS THE SALT? We had it last night so it must be somewhere I looked for about TWENTY MINuTES until I found it. on the bench. right in front of my eyes.


Sorce Wikimedia Commons

After lunch I gave the twins a bath and they both weed on me.




Where Should I Shop Today? Results!





Of the three places we shopped at, Aldi took the least amount of time, but this is because we go there most and we were in a hurry to pick Harry up from kinder.  Coles Online was more convenient in other ways, as we didn’t have to leave the house, and we could do other things at the same time.  But we couldn’t just get something we needed right away as we had to wait 1-2 days for delivery.  If we were to do a Coles Online shop again, it would be much quicker as it would have our old shopping list saved.  The market was very enjoyable, but it was the least convenient.  We couldn’t get everything we needed and we had to park MILES away after spending about 20 minutes in the car.  Plus most places only took cash.


All the things we bought from the market were of exceptional quality.  Most of the things we bought from Coles were of high quality, except for the spinach.  All the things from Aldi were of high quality, but the steak was ‘bleh’ according to Mum.


Our total cost for the market was around $50, but this wasn’t a full grocery shop, and it was hard because they didn’t give you receipts.  So it isn’t fair to compare it and say it’s the cheapest.  Coles Online cost $244.22 and Aldi cost $193.39.  Another reason it’s hard to compare is because we didn’t get the same things every time.

Here is a table showing the comparisons for the fifteen items we chose at the beginning of the study:

item Aldi Coles Online Market
Pumpkin (per kilo) 1.99 2.98 2
Carrots (per kilo) 0.99 1.88 2.50
Bananas 1.99 3.80 2.5
Potatoes (per kilo) 1.50 1.25 1.40
Eggs (dozen free range) 4.69 4.90 4.20
Milk 2.00 2.00 n/a
Butter 2.89 5.17 n/a
Wipes (80 pack) 2.49 3.00 n/a
Bread 1.49 2.30 1.67
Walnuts (per kilo) 17.98 21.96 10.00
Ham (per kilo) 12.50 14.50 14.99
Roast (per kilo) 8.99 11.99 9.99
Chicken Drumsticks (per kilo) 3.00 5.79 n/a
Lunchbox snacks 1.99 5.06 n/a
Chocolate (per 100g) 2.15 2.63 n/a
Total 66.64 89.21 49.25

You can see how there were a lot of things we couldn’t find at the market, which makes it hard to compare properly.  Here is a table of all the things we could get at all three places:

item Aldi Coles Online Market
Pumpkin (per kilo) 1.99 2.98 2.00
Carrots (per kilo) 0.99 1.88 2.50
Bananas 1.99 3.80 2.50
Potatoes (per kilo) 1.50 1.25 1.40
Eggs (dozen free range) 4.69 4.90 4.20
Bread 1.49 2.30 1.67
Walnuts (per kilo) 17.98 21.96 10.00
Ham (per kilo) 12.50 14.50 14.99
Roast (per kilo) 8.99 11.99 9.99
Total 52.12 65.56 49.25


Limitations of the Study

  • This study will only work for one family (ours) as every family buys different things when they go grocery shopping.
  • The study would be more accurate if we did it all in one week.  Some of the fruit and vegies would change price as they go in and out of season.  But that wouldn’t have been very practical.
  • We couldn’t get everything we needed from the market, which made it hard to compare properly
  • A proper study would compare lots of different shops over a whole year maybe.   We only visited each place once.
  • We were more familiar with Aldi, so that gave Aldi an advantage in seeming more convenient.

What are my Findings?

I predicted that Coles Online would be the most convenient.  In many ways I was right, but in terms of time spent, Aldi was the most convenient.

I predicted that Aldi would be the most economical for our family, and even though it was a lot cheaper than Coles, the market won here.

Finally, I thought that the market would be of the best quality, and I was right!

THE END!!!!!!!!

well, almost…

Overall, I would suggest that we shop at Aldi for most of our groceries, but get our meat, fruit and vegetables somewhere else.

Further study is required.

Aldi – Our Experience

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Aldi was highly enjoyable and we got vegemite scrolls – yum! The shop was very quick and efficient (partly because Harry was at kinder, and partly because we’re used to Aldi).

The total cost of the shop was $193.39, which was cheaper than Coles Online. And the shop took 40 minutes plus 10 minutes writing the meal plan. Normally it would take another 5 minutes to pack the bags, but we forgot the bags…

There was a great gluten-free range and the food was of moderate to good quality, except for the steaks, which were poor quality (tough). There aren’t too many brands to choose from, which makes shopping easier too.

I would describe Aldi overall as efficient and cheap.

The Market – Our Experience



I found the market highly enjoyable even though we weren’t able to get everything on our list. It was very loud. People were shouting “TWO DOLLARS EVERYTHING’S TWO DOLLARS!” or “MANGOES GET YOUR MANGOES HERE!”, I thought it was a bit much, but I think some people go there because they actually like the noise. Wow.

The food was of a very high quality (especially the bananas – mmm!) At the deli, we got to try some Christmas ham – yum!

We went to lots of different stalls to get what we needed.   Everybody was really friendly and helpful.  There were lots of stalls there that didn’t sell food but sold clothes or souvenirs or fixed mobile phone screens!

I would definitely recommend a market to anyone who loves good food, but make sure you dedicate a whole day to do it. It’s hard to do it in a rush. Also, don’t expect to find everything that’s on your list, but you might find some fun things that weren’t on your list!

Coles Online – Our Experience

coles truck

This week, we ordered our Coles Online shop. It was really fun! To begin with, we typed our list into the computer and it did a search on all the items for us. It was handy to be able to check the pantry, fridge or freezer to see what we needed. On the other hand, not walking through a shop means you can forget some items, too. There were lots to choose from and the cheaper items are at the bottom of the page, so you have to scroll down. We liked the way that if you click on the item’s name, you can see all of the ingredients clearly and also if it’s made in Australia or not.
There was one major problem: when we modified our order (a day after we had put it in), all the specials had changed, which made the total price go up by $50 (!), so we had to almost change our order entirely. It was SO ANNOYING!
Most of the food was good quality, but the spinach was close to its use-by date and got to be pretty gross. The guy who delivered the groceries was quite nice and he was on time. He let Annie and Harry carry a bag each (because they wanted to – not because he was using child labour). We got free delivery for our first order. Usually it costs $10.
If you find grocery shopping hard, I would definitely recommend Coles Online, although it is a little bit expensive.

Total cost: $244.22

Predictions and Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to my survey. As most of you will know, I am conducting a study to see where my family should do our weekly shop.  I’ve made some graphs to show the results of the survey. This graph shows the responses to the first survey question:

Graph: Where do you usually do your weekly shop?

Where do you usually do your weekly shop?


You can see from the graph that most people I surveyed shop at Woolworths.  The ‘other’ places people shopped included IGA and some international supermarkets with names like “Publix”.  Weird.


This graph shows the responses to the second question:

Graph of :Which shop do you think would be the most economical/convenient/best quality?"

Which shop do you think would be the most economical/convenient/best quality?


As you can see, people generally thought Aldi would be the most economical, the market would be highest quality and Coles Online would be the most convenient.  But not everybody thought this.  One person I spoke to said the market would be most economical, not because it was cheapest, but because shopping locally helps the economy in the long run.  Maybe my questions weren’t as straightforward as I thought!


To make this a proper study, I will make predictions of what could happen. This is what scientists and researchers do, then after they do the study they can see if they were right or wrong or if further study is required. So here are my predictions:

First of all, I think Coles Online will be the most convenient. Secondly, I think Aldi will be the cheapest overall and finally, I think the fresh food market will be of the best quality.

I can’t wait to find out if I’m right!

Where Should I Shop Today?

shopping trolleys

I am about to start a project to find out which super markets give the best quality, price and convenience. I have chosen three places to do our weekly shop; a fresh-food market, Coles Online and Aldi.
Because this is a regular weekly shop, some items will be different, but we have chosen sixteen items that we’ll buy so we can compare. These are:

Chicken Drumsticks
Lunchbox snacks
Baby Wipes

I’ve also put together a survey, because I’m curious to know what you think. I might have already asked you this, if you’ve had a conversation with me recently, but here are my questions:

  1. Where do you most often shop for groceries?
  2. In your opinion, out of the three places we will be shopping at (Coles Online, Aldi and a fresh-food market…
  • a. Which would be the most economical?
    b.  Which would be the best quality?
    c.  Which would be the most convenient?

You can tell me your answers in the comments section.  When I get everyone’s opinion, I will make some graphs to show the results.

Stay tuned!