Crab Apple Jelly

You may have heard about Mum’s fail at making crab apple jelly.  But what you don’t know is that we had another go, and it worked! Go us!

We did this challenge as part of Mathair Fiona’s Of Course I Can! Blog Hop.

Of Course I Can

This time we strained them in batches and it worked a lot better (and we didn’t bother with a pillow case either)

Now time for a fashion parade!

Glamour shot of jelly


jar 1


jar 2


jar 3

Uncle Greg's Jelly

Here’s the one we gave to Uncle Greg to say thank you for taking us to the zoo with his girl friend who was visiting from Japan (it was dark when we took this photo).

Jelly on toast

And how does it taste?

yummy toast with crabapple jelly






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